CAMRA is looking for the next winner of its three year old pub saving award, which recognises people that have come together to save a pub that would have otherwise been demolished or converted to another use.

“The award aims to secure publicity for pub-saving campaigns to encourage others to get involved in saving their local,” said CAMRA’s Pub Campaigns Group chair Paul Ainsworth.

Last year’s award was won by the Save the Packhorse Project who successfully saved and reopened the Packhorse Inn, South Stoke, Bath, Somerset (pictured above) – “a brilliant and inspirational campaign”.

The award can be made to any group which, during the previous 12 months, has carried out campaigning activity that has directly led to the prevention of a pub or pubs being closed. This could, for example, be a group set up to save a particular pub or it could be a group such as a CAMRA branch or community group, which has successfully campaigned for the introduction of measures which make pub closures in their area less likely

You can make a nomination here.

To make a nomination go to the CAMRA website and follow the link to pubs and awards.

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