New push for a full pint

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New push for a full pint

CAMRA is asking government to use the return of the Crown mark and changes to weights and measures legislation to ensure consumers always get a full pint of beer.

While the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy acknowledges “the Crown stamp gave customers confidence that they were not being sold a short measure of beer,” CAMRA wants government to make sure pub-goers have a legal right to receive a 100 per cent liquid pint.

At the moment a pint of beer isn’t defined in law as 100 per cent liquid which means consumers could be short-changed and don’t have any recourse if a top-up is refused.

CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona said: “The Jubilee Bank Holiday was a brilliant success for pubs and social clubs across the UK, and it was great to see a decisive statement from the government on fairness for consumers. However, while the Crown mark is a flagship signifier of the nation’s favourite drink, it isn’t enough to guarantee a full pint on its own. CAMRA has been calling for a pint of beer to be legally defined as 100 per cent liquid for many years, to ensure consumers are not short-changed at the bar. The government now has a fantastic opportunity to give consumers the right to a full pint – defined as 100 per cent liquid as part of the new consultation on weights and measures.”

More information about the Full Pints campaign can be seen here.

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