The Golden Lion in Camden has won the North London branch pub of the season after being saved from closure five years ago.

North London’s branch chairman Colin Coyne said: “We are making this award in recognition of the fact that the Golden Lion is a fine example of the success that can be made of a pub that nearly closed.

“It’s a great credit to the previous licensee, Camden Council and the local community that put up such a fight over a long period to stop the pub being turned into flats. With Britain currently still losing 14 pubs a week, we hope that this award will bring heart to other communities who are trying to save their own pub’.

Colin also added “This pub is also of historic value and it’s on CAMRA London’s Heritage List. It’s Victorian with the original bar back, which has stunning bevelled mirrors and the names of two original rooms (saloon bar and private bar) are still visible in bright stained glass above the doors on Pratt Street. It’s worth popping in for a bit of history as well as a pint.”

The owner of the pub, Dave Murphy said ‘It means everything to us to win such a prestigious award. To show that pubs can come back from the brink of closure and can go from strength to strength, not only in the local community but to demonstrate to the county that pubs are here t stay’.

The pub remains a community pub, welcoming all. It has pool, darts and an acclaimed juke box and, thanks to Trevor, it has also widened its offer by putting in a kitchen to offer food every day.

Pictured from left: North London branch chairman Colin Coyne, licensee Trevor Hunt, Golden Lion owner Dave Murphy and chef Aaron Carter

Golden Lion 88 Royal College Street, Camden Town, London NW1 0TH.

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