A Nottinghamshire brewery has introduced electric car charging points as part of plans to reduce its carbon footprint.

Castle Rock Brewery has introduced the charging points at two of its Nottinghamshire pubs in partnership with Leeds-based Alfa Power.

The first, at the Embankment pub and restaurant at Trent Bridge, is thought to be the fastest available in the East Midlands, charging at 70Kw an hour.

Pub manager Triss Siddons said: “This is a great addition to our facilities. In the 20 minutes it takes for breakfast or a light lunch, 90 miles can be added to the car’s range and since it went live there’s been a steady build up in use.”

Castle Rock Brewery’s operations director Vicki Saxby said: “We have been working to reduce our ecological footprint for many years and the addition of charging facilities at the Embankment and the Poppy and Pint, in nearby Lady Bay, is a commitment to our collective future when electric vehicles become the norm.”

Alfa Power business development director Zuber Patel said: “We’re happy to be working with such a forward-thinking organisation that is keen to contribute towards corporate social responsibility while providing an additional service to its customers and the people of Nottingham.”

The charging bays at the Poppy & Pint and the Embankment provide access for up to four vehicles at a time.  The cost, at 25p per KwH, makes travel costs 65 per cent less than by traditional oil-powered vehicle.

Pictured from left: Embankment’s landlord Triss Siddons with Alex Owers from Alfa Power

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