CAMRA’s retiring chairman Colin Valentine and former chief executive Tim Page have been given a special award by MPs for their enormous contribution to beer and pubs in the UK and their collaboration with the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group (APPBG).

APPBG chairman Mike Wood said: “They are fearsome campaigners, so it’s been a great relief that on so many issues we have been on the same side.”

The citation read: “We would like to make a special award to two people who have made an enormous contribution to beer and pubs in the UK.  And been great collaborators with the Beer Group.

“They have not always been loved by everyone in the brewing industry – but as representatives of the UK and Europe’s largest consumer organisation – the Campaign for Real Ale, it’s their job to represent consumers and this can mean criticising the industry.  But in areas where we agree they have been powerful allies.

“CAMRA’s mass lobby of Parliament in 2012 was a pivotal moment in the campaign against the Hated Beer Duty Escalator. CAMRA have been tireless in arguing that high beer duty and business rates are having crippling effect on the viability of so many of our pubs.

“They have also been fierce critics of any dodgy science used to demonise beer and pubs – and attack UK beer drinkers. Going as far as to create a new consumer organisation – the Drinkers Voice to stand up for people’s right to enjoy a beer and visit the pub.”

Pictured from left: Colin Valentine, APPBG chairman Mike Wood and Tim Page.

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