Anspach & Hobday brewery has taken first prize in the London Drinker Beer & Cider Festival’s Champion Lower Alcohol Beer of London competition, with its brew Table Porter, at only 2.8 per cent ABV.

Festival organiser Christine Cryne said: “The competition was open to any beer of three per cent ABV or lower that is brewed in London. Our aim was to show that a beer doesn’t have to be strong to be tasty.

“The range of beer entered was fantastic. The weakest beer had only a one per cent alcohol content and we had all sorts of styles including a German-style weiss beer, a sour, a brown and a porter as well as a number of golden ales. The judges had a hard job making a decision.”

Paul Anspach and Jack Hobday set up their brewery in 2013, in Bermondsey SE1 sharing the premises for the first year with Bullfinch Brewery. Each had a tiny 100 litre kit (0.6 barrels) with a 200-litre fermenter. At that time, most of the production was sold through the tap room. After just six months, Anspach expanded to 450 litres and subsequently to 14 hectolitres (8.6 barrels) with eight conical fermenters, which also double as conditioning tanks.

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