A Tyneside club, which welcomes CAMRA members has been named North East region’s club of the year, 2017.

The Haltwhistle Comrades club is famed for its egg jarpin, usually played each Easter. Jarpin is a knock-out competition like conkers. Duelists each cup an egg in one fist and alternately tap egg on egg until one cracks.

The game is a favourite for many CAMRA groups visiting the club.

According to the Scott Dobson Geordie Dictionary “Jaap is to smash by a sudden blow, as when two eggs are knocked together”.

The club is very popular with visitors and tourists to the nearby Hadrian’s Wall heritage site.

Pictured from left: Club stewards Carol and Walter Eals and CAMRA North East regional Director David Brazier. Photo taken by Bill Wilkinson.

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