Pubs might be having a hard time but that hasn’t stopped a Scottish brewery from launching its first new beer of 2020.

Heaven Cent, at 4.6 per cent ABV, is a new session IPA and is the debut creation of Lisa Matthews, the newest and youngest brewer at Harviestoun in Clackmannanshire.

Heaven Cent creator Lisa Matthews, launched her brewing career at Harviestoun in June 2018 after completing an MS in brewing and distilling at Heriot Watt University.

Matthews said: “I think it’s fantastic that there are more women taking leading roles in the brewing industry than ever before and I’m really proud to be part of that growing trend, along with my colleague Amy Cockburn, who is head brewer at Harviestoun.

“Heaven Cent is made using the centennial hop, which gives it a distinctive citrus tang, as well as clean crisp, floral notes and a hint of spiciness. The centennial hop is also what makes Heaven Cent so completely unique and different from any other product in our range.

“As a session IPA, the maltiness and bitterness are perfectly balanced. There is an initial citrus tang on the palate followed by clean, crisp, floral notes and a hint of spiciness.”

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