Beer and cheese lovers are in luck, as Siren Craft Brew plans to host a virtual tasting with the Stilton Cheese Makers Association on Wednesday 21st October at 7 pm.

The virtual event will offer an insightful pairing and tasting session hosted by Matt Lincoln from Siren Craft Brew and Kim Kettle from the Stilton Cheese Makers Association and Long Clawson Dairy. They will use their expertise in their field to tell you a little more about each beer and cheese, and why the two complement each other just as well as (if not more than) the traditional wine and cheese pairings!

This event is for all foodies and beer lovers who want to expand their knowledge and have an evening of fun from the comfort of their own home.

Beers: Soundwave, Broken Dream, Twin Flames & Santo 

Cheeses: Mature Stilton, Cheddar and Scotch Bonnet, Traditional Red Leicester & Blue Shropshire

For more information and to book onto the tasting, visit

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