Despite Covid-19, CAMRA has been continuing its training including on CAMRA’s new beer styles for judging the Champion Beer of Britain and more are planned.

Beer Styles Review Group chair and master trainer Christine Cryne said: “Our original intention was to run sessions at beer festivals and breweries around the country. We managed three before lockdown hit so we decided to go online.

“There was one virtual session on the Red (On)Lion and then Gillian Hough, national executive member and chair of the Brewery Liaison Advisory Group, asked me to do something for brewery liaison officers. They proved so popular, we have now done four Zoom events and spoken to almost 200 members.

“Such has been the demand, we are now running another two during Saturday afternoons: 10 October and 7 November. They are free to attend and open to all; you just need to buy five beers, most of which you can get from your local supermarket.

“On Saturday 24 October, we are also running a session, open to all, on what CAMRA’s Tasting Panels are all about. The panels are a mystery to many people but they play an important role within CAMRA as they are responsible for writing beer descriptions for the Good Beer Guide and putting forward beers for the Champion Beer of Britain. To make it fun, the session will again involve tasting some beer.”

All the details for the sessions can be found on the Volunteers’ Section of the website under ‘Online events and resources.

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