Supporters of a campaign to see a much-missed Primrose Hill in north London pub reopen have been given a “huge” boost after the news broke it would be serving beer again.

The Albert in Princess Road has been closed since 2014 but was listed as an asset of community value (ACV) and people living nearby have been desperate to see it in use again.

In a Tweet broadcaster Andrew Marr said: “In the darkest of times, over a pitch black horizon, come pinpricks of light. One day, back in the wonderful Albert with a pint and a scotch egg.”

CAMRA North London in a Tweet said the Albert is reopening. “Welcome back – we have missed you.”

Community campaigner Phil Cowan said: “The Albert pub and the campaign to get it back up and running does indeed provide a great example of people working together to benefit the area.

“In this instance the Primrose hill Community Association and Conservation Committee along with our ward councillors were key to protecting the premises from being turned residential by using the ACV and Article 4 direction.”

Sam Moss and Michael Brothwell have signed the lease for the Albert and they also have the Haverstock Tavern in Belsize Park. The pair are also directors of the Leeds Brewery.

Moss said: “Both pubs are entirely independent of Leeds Brewery and there isn’t any cross over between the businesses – they operate as genuine free houses – although you may occasionally see a bit of Leeds beer on the bar.”

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