CAMRA has released new content on its Learn & Discover platform to help members improve their beer and cider vocabularies.

A new addition to the talking about cider series, An Enthusiast’s Guide to Cider Terminology has been written by James Finch (AKA the Cider Critic). Finch has put together this guide to some of the more complex terms and descriptors to help members unlock a more informed cider and perry drinking experience.

The second part of a beer-drinkers’ dictionary has been created by award-winning writer and brewing expert for Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch Mark Dredge. His dictionary is the first in a series of resources exploring words, acronyms and references used to talk about our favourite drinks. It will help members navigate the terms to describe the production, serving and enjoyment of beer.

Throughout the summer, the Campaign’s online education platform CAMRA Learn & Discover will be home to new content from writers, educators and experts. There will be new guides, articles, videos and audio content added every week exploring everything there is to know about beer, cider, perry and pubs.

CAMRA’s Learn & Discover manager Alex Metcalfe said: “We hope these guides to industry terminology will help expand our members’ knowledge and ultimately their experience with their favourite drinks.”

To find more Learn & Discover resources, visit learn-discover

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