Greene King has announced it is to cut rents for its licensees by 90 per cent while pubs are closed.

The concession will apply from 11 June until four weeks after the pubs have reopened. At that point, 50 per cent rent concessions will be offered for a further four weeks.

The move is welcomed by CAMRA, saying thousands of members had emailed the pubco and brewer calling for it reduce its rents.

CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona said: “CAMRA welcomes this announcement from Greene King that tenants of tied pubs will be given a 90 per cent  reduction in rent for 8 weeks as of 11 June, and 50 per cent reduction for the following four weeks.

“Over 18,000 CAMRA members and pub goers emailed Greene King to raise their concerns about the need for their tied tenants to be given help with rents so they could survive the coronavirus restrictions. We are glad that the company have listened to tied tenants and customers and are doing the right thing by offering reduced rents.

“We are calling on Greene King to continue to offer support with rent bills for those tied pub tenants who are unable to re-open even when government restrictions are lifted because their pubs aren’t suitable for trading under social distancing restrictions.

“In addition, those tied tenants that do re-open will need continued support beyond the first two months. Rents should reflect the reduced turnover that pubs will have as long as social distancing requirements remain in place.”

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