CAMRA is reiterating its call for pub owning companies to cancel rents for licensees during this unprecedented period of uncertainty during the COVID-19 crisis.

CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona said: “CAMRA welcomes the move by businesses such as Admiral Taverns and Fullers to cancel rent for their pub tenants in recognition of the unique circumstances we are in.

“We are now calling on other pub owning businesses to follow those examples and listen to the concerns of tenants, and of pubgoers who want their locals to survive this crisis.

“Pub owning companies must cancel rents during this period – deferring until a later date simply doesn’t go far enough. Rent for publicans is based on turnover so it makes sense that when a pub is closed and doesn’t have a turnover they shouldn’t have to pay any rent. 

“The Government is rightly offering support to pub owning companies with financial and employment schemes so that staff can still be paid and so that businesses can re-open once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. It is only right that support is passed down to individual licensees in the form of rent holidays to protect their pubs and livelihoods.”

Pub group Fuller’s was cheered on social media after it stopped collecting rent from tenants. The company said it has stopped taking commercial rent from pub landlords to “support them at this difficult time”.

Admiral Taverns has cancelled rent payments for its licensees, effective from 21 March until Thursday 30 April – saying the end date is under review. The company said it is “determined to support” licensees. The company was advising on how pubs can maintain an income, saying it had seen a number of pubs set up food and drink delivery offers, as well as offering communities support services.

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