MOTION 1 (Internal Policy Document) The 2018/19 Internal Policy Document (IPD) has been updated on the national website

MOTION 2 (External Policy Document) The 2018/19 External Policy Document (EPD) has been updated on the national website

MOTION 3 (mass conversion from tenanted to managed pubs) The EPD was updated. CAMRA has made various public statements expressing the importance of the tenanted pub model (most recently in response to the Admiral acquisition from Heineken). CAMRA has also reflected the position both through formal and informal representations to government and other legislators, including in our submission on the Pubs Code statutory review. 

MOTION 4 (Dundee council policy of granting pub licences outside city centre). The motion was remitted. CAMRA is not aware of any other local authorities seeking to adopt similarly draconian policies since the Dundee case but we stand ready to campaign should this happen. The Campaigns team continues to provide branches with regular advice on campaigning on planning issues in their areas.

MOTION 4A (single signatories on online bank accounts) The motion was remitted as it was already policy not to have single signatories on bank accounts. 

MOTION 5 (British cider style guidelines) The motion was passed to the Technical Advisory Group. A working group has been established to undertake a review of cider styles and will report in 2020.

MOTION 6 (marketing of cider styles) This motion was defeated.

MOTION 7 (minimum unit pricing for England) This motion was referred to the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) to action. PAC has continued to monitor the situation across the constituent nations of the UK. CAMRA is going to commission external research on this subject.

MOTION 8 (exploitative policies of pub companies) CAMRA has adopted a robust approach to publicly criticising pub companies where this is warranted. It has also conducted a survey of licensees on their relationships with pubcos which has beenshared with government as part of our submission to the review of the Pubs Code. The spirit of this motion continues to steer our pub campaigning activity.

MOTION 9 (definition of a pub) The new definition of a pub was updated in the IPD.

MOTION 10 (use of single-use plastic) This was referred to all national committees to look at where reasonably practical reducing or removing the use of single-use plastic in their areas of responsibility. The use of single-use plastic will be stopped or replaced with an alternative when current stocks are depleted.

MOTION 10A (cask breather symbol in Whatpub & GBG). This motion was defeated.

MOTION 11 (free admission to beer festivals) This motion was defeated.

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