Thornbridge brewery’s plan to open 10 new pub sites nationwide over the next five years is taking its next step forward as the company unveils plans for new venues in Leeds and Birmingham.

To run the venues Thornbridge is working in partnership with beer distributor and pub company Pivovar.

Thornbridge already runs eight pubs in Sheffield, while Pivovar group own eight bars across the UK, as well as their nationwide craft beer wholesale business.

The Birmingham site, the Colmore, on Colmore Row, is set to open in November. In Leeds, the Bankers Cat, will be located in the heart of the city centre on Boar Lane and is due to open before Christmas.

Both venues will follow in the footsteps of the Market Cat, Jubbergate in York.

Thornbridge Brewery CEO Simon Webster said: “Our York site has had great success and we are thrilled to have secured a site in Leeds, it’s a fantastic city with so much going on and an incredibly passionate craft beer community.

“We’re also really pleased to be moving ahead with Birmingham as we know how much excitement there was when we first announced we’d be opening in the city.”

Owner and director of Pivovar Jamie Hawksworth said: “Both pubs will serve fantastic craft beer, handpicked wine, spirits and soft drinks and become an integral part of the thriving community in both Leeds and Birmingham.

“As we have done with the Market Cat, we want to create visually stunning venues, where people can relax and indulge in all that we have to offer.”

Thornbridge is now looking to open sites in Manchester and Sheffield next year.

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