CAMRA’s new Learn & Discover zone, which gives guidance on beer, cider and perry from their ingredients and production, to history and dispense proved a popular attraction at the festival. 

The zone included tastings between cask and keg, with information on methods of dispense and a chance to interact with brewing ingredients, including hops and malts.

CAMRA Learn & Discover manager Alex Metcalfe said: “The idea is to help anyone become a beer connoisseur, to make the information accessible and available to all.

“Beer can be seen as an exclusive or geeky hobby, which can be off-putting when a novice is trying to decide what to order at the bar. As a consumer organisation, we want to provide all the resources available to help more people feel informed and confident about their favourite drink.”

Award-winning beer writer and broadcaster Emma Inch of Fermentation Radio recorded a podcast at the festival about CAMRA’s commitment to helping people learn more about beer.

The zone is a vital part of CAMRA’s new 10 Great Reasons campaign to recruit members and promote its values.

CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona said: “CAMRA is sometimes called an old man’s drinking club, but it is so much more than that to so many people. 

“I’m very proud our Learn & Discover offering will become a new great reason to participate for anyone with an interest in beer and brewing.”

Zones will be rolled out at CAMRA beer festivals across the country, with basic beer-focused content available to anyone on the Campaign’s Learn & Discover platform.

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