More than 30 pubs in London’s Tower Hamlets, including a number listed in the Good Beer Guide are to be granted protection from developers.

The London Borough has identified 35 venues — almost a third of its pubs — it wants to list as assets of local importance.

The listing gives protection to buildings not considered important enough to be registered by Historic England.

Developers wanting to build around them will have to ensure they preserve the pub and its characteristics. Tower Hamlets is believed to be the first local authority in the country to offer protection to so many pubs at the same time.

CAMRA’s National Chairman Nik Antona said: “It is fantastic to hear that Tower Hamlets has taken concrete steps to protect 35 historic pubs across East End.

“Pubs play a hugely important role to our heritage, well-being and national economy– from stunning architectural designs that have stood the test of time, to street-corner locals that still offer a communal space for local people to meet and make friends.

“Using local listings is an innovative way to give pubs extra protection and sets an example that other local authorities may wish to follow. The pub and beer industry supports nearly 900,000 jobs across the UK and contributes £23.6bn to our economy – their importance simply cannot be overstated.” 

In the past 18 months more than 1,140 pubs in England and Wales have closed down, with many either demolished or converted into homes or offices.

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