New research finds that more women are drinking ale and stout.

A survey by Brewhouse and Kitchen finds more woman shunning lager and choosing other beer styles.

When drinking at a pub, 23 per cent of women will try more alternative styles of beer than they would have ten years ago, finds the research.

One in four women would rather drink an alternative style of beer than a lager, whilst 18 per cent of women often drink craft beer instead of more mainstream beers, and 16 per cent of women said that beer was their favourite alcoholic beverage

Whilst lager has dominated the market for the past 50 years, a quarter of women would now rather drink alternative styles of beer than lager.

Brewhouse and Kitchen marketing manager the research shows changing attitudes in society.

“Beer companies are more aware of the importance of female beer drinkers and women now feel more comfortable to drink beer, attend pubs and contribute to the growth of the industry.

“We’re seeing this reflected in both our customers base and growth of women participating in our Brewing Academy, which fosters successful careers in brewing,” said Bunn

“We want to make the wonderful world of craft beer more approachable to women, and to encourage women to enjoy the wealth of styles and flavours available.”

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