Nominations are now open for the 2018 Pub Saving Award.

In its third year, the award aims to recognise and celebrate the achievements of groups that have successfully campaigned to save their local pub.

The award was created to acknowledge and reward groups whose campaigning efforts have successfully led to the saving of a pub or pubs which would otherwise probably have closed, or to achieve publicity for pub-saving campaigning by showing that pubs can be saved. These efforts are vital to encouraging others to undertake similar actions and most importantly, to save our pubs.

The award can be made to any group which, during the previous 12 months, has carried out campaigning activity that has directly led to the prevention of a pub or pubs being closed. This could, for example, be a group set up to save a particular pub or it could be a group e.g. a CAMRA branch, which has successfully campaigned for the introduction of measures which make pub closures in their area less likely. Branches are welcome to nominate themselves.

Last year’s winners successfully saved The Harrow, Kent

The criteria for the judging will look at various elements of the campaign, including:

  • How it was first established: how it set its objectives and plan of action.
  • Methods of gathering evidence and information relevant to the campaign.
  • Engagement with the community and pub users.
  • Publicity achieved for its aims and objectives.
  • Methods of lobbying and influencing decision makers.
  • Overall success.

Where the campaign was more of a general nature than saving a specific pub, some of these factors will have more weight than others e.g. influencing decision-makers will be a major element.

Last year’s award was won by the Harrow CBS group who successfully saved the Harrow, Stockbury, Kent by purchasing the pub themselves. Find out more about this brilliant and inspirational campaign here.

Winning the award generated a great deal of positive publicity for the winning pub as well as the the two runners up, and for pub saving campaigning generally.

Nominations close on the 5th of December. To make a nomination, or for more clarification on the process, please contact Paul Ainsworth at or phone: 01226 217195.

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