Physicist Brian Cox is trying to reach parts of the world other beers cannot reach.

The broadcaster and professor is hoping his latest project is going to have a stellar success. For his latest mission he has teamed up with his hometown brewer JW Lees.

Working with the brewer he has developed Cosmic Brew, a 3.9 per cent ABV amber ale with a citrus aroma and a blend of British hops, including Admiral Jester and Cascade.

The beer, will be on sale in pubs from January to coincide with Cox’s arena tour across the UK and Ireland, but a special preview is planned in pubs around Oldham and north Manchester in October.

In a Tweet Cox said: I’ve been working with my local brewer JWLees Brewery in Oldham for a while now on a craft beer, which we announced yesterday. Fascinating experience for me – it’ll be on sale in the new year.”

Cox grew up in Oldham, within walking distance from the brewery.

He said: “JW Lees is a name I’ve always known – and their beers are legendary. So, to work with them, to experiment with different beers, to uncover the secrets and science of brewing and launch Cosmic Brew has been a great experience.

“I also wanted to put something back into Oldham – to collaborate with a successful local industry to make something worthwhile. I’ve never done anything like this before, but when Michael asked me to collaborate on a beer, I couldn’t resist. It feels right.

“I enjoyed being involved in the branding and design. The pattern of the stars on the label is the view of the night sky looking North over the brewery on the day I was born; 3 March, 1968. It’s what I would have seen had I looked out of the window. There’s a fact for the pub quiz.”

JW Lees head brewer Michael Lees-Jones said:  said: “There isn’t much of the brewing process that needs explaining to Brian, so talk quickly turned to the beers we like and to styles of beer that we would like to brew.

“We’re both huge fans of traditional bitter but also drink a lot for hoppy pale ales, so we had plenty of styles to play with. We tried many different variables before making our final choice. Cosmic Brew isn’t a nostalgic beer but a sessionable amber ale propelled with British hops for plenty of character and a finish long enough for an intergalactic journey.’

The beer will be available in 500ml bottle and nine gallon cask.

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