All CAMRA members have the chance to nominate beers from their local area via the Champion Beer of Britain (CBoB) voting website.

Voting is now open and CAMRA would like as many members as possible submitting votes for their favourite local beers.

Members can nominate up to five beers in each of the eleven categories to be put forward for the CBoB competition, but if you only want to nominate beers in one category, or even just one beer, that’s fine. The more votes cast, the better the results will be.

CAMRA national director Nick Boley said: “The CBoB voting system gives every CAMRA member the opportunity to have a say in who wins and becomes CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain, don’t moan about which beers get judged at GBBF, get involved and vote for your favourites.”

Members do not have to nominate all the beers in one go and selections can be amended anytime up to the deadline on 1 November.

Not all beers are eligible for CBoB; mainstream beer styles like bitters, best bitters, strong bitters and golden ales should be available for at least seven months of the year. Other beer styles may be available for a lesser period depending on the rarity and seasonality of the beer style.

“Initial nominations for CBoB are made at a local level so only beers that are produced in the area near you (based on your registered address) will be available for nomination.

“We realise that some of you will drink beers from a wider area, but many members also tend to only drink more local beers. This will be the last year using this system, next year members will be able to vote for a wider selection of beers if they so choose,” said Nick.


How to Vote

Any CAMRA member can log in into the CBoB website using their member login details. If you have forgotten these details you can reset your password by clicking here. Alternatively, you can contact the Membership Services team emailing or call 01727 798 8440. Having logged in you will be able to access information about the nomination schedule.

If your branch straddles more than one of the CBoB areas, your branch can decide in which area members can vote. Make sure your branch hears your voice on this.

Spread the word once you’ve voted #votecbob.

If you have any technical problems entering your selection, or with the website, please contact  for help. For any general non-technical issues please contact

This year the nomination period runs from Saturday, 1 September 2018 to midnight on Thursday, 1 November 2018.

Pictured above: Siren Craft Brewery’s brewing team celebrate Broken Dream Breakfast Stout’s champion beer of Britain win at this year’s Great British Beer Festival.


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