Drinkers’ Voice – the not-for-profit consumer organisation sparking new debate on moderate drinking – has appointed Rachel Auty as a new director.

As a marketing and communications professional with 20-years experience and a CAMRA member, Rachel also founded Women On Tap in 2017 and is passionate about both the beer industry and the representation of women within it.

She said: “I’m really looking forward to contributing to the shaping of Drinkers’ Voice. It’s so important to callout the inaccuracies and scaremongering, and to highlight the counter arguments on health, wellbeing, and drinking in order to better inform and rebalance opinion. The anti-alcohol lobby has held a monopoly on this subject for too long. It’s time to provide the public with the facts they need so they can form new and better-informed viewpoints.”

Formed in 2017, Drinkers’ Voice aims to create a movement which encourages conversation around how drinking in moderation is playing a positive role in many lives as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Drinkers’ Voice chair Byron Davies adds: “We are currently entering a new phase as we review the many achievements from our first 100 days, readdress our current funding model, and plan for the future.

“Rachel will bring invaluable new skills and a welcome female perspective to the leadership team. We recognise the need to represent women at senior level and we are delighted that Rachel has joined us. We’d like to encourage more women to get involved in Drinkers’ Voice and the work we do.”

Rachel joins fellow Directors Byron Davies, Colin Valentine, John Duffy, Richard Harding, and William McCrea.

Drinkers’ Voice, run by volunteers, is funded entirely by donations from members of the public. Its directors and other spokespeople are all volunteers. To be part of the support Drinkers’ Voice movement and donate https://drinkersvoice.org.uk/campaigns/donate/

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