A celebration of historic pubs from one of the must-visit beer and pub destination cities in the UK is being made available as a free e-book.

For the first time, the Campaign has produced an e-book featuring heritage pubs in Sheffield.

The free to download book is compiled by Sheffield and District branch pub heritage office Dave Pickersgill. It provides a unique snapshot of the city’s historic pubs.

CAMRA National Pub Heritage Group chair Paul Ainsworth said: “Over the past 25 years, CAMRA has developed its national and regional inventories of historic pub interiors.

“These highlight the crème de la crème of interiors which have either escaped much alteration for many years or contain features of exceptional interest. We have, though, been aware that below these top tiers can be found a host of interiors which, whilst much changed, still offer a great deal worth seeing.

“The pioneering work carried out in Sheffield to locate and record these pubs has been an inspiring exercise. It enables compilation of this publication portraying the rich tapestry of Sheffield’s pubs from the nationally important to those where what remains, may be fragments, but is nevertheless to be cherished.

“A bonus, of course, is that many of these pubs sell great real ale. We hope this guide is the first of many.”

Included is detailed comment on all the 22 Sheffield pubs listed on the CAMRA Pub Heritage website.

Also documented are both local pubs with some historical interest and many fragments of the city’s historical brewery and pub heritage. The book is available from the Sheffield CAMRA website.

Dave Pickersgill said: “Grateful thanks are given to numerous individuals, the National CAMRA Pub Heritage Group and Sheffield Archives: the latter for providing access to unique historic documentation. Also thanks to Andy Shaw for the design and Mick Slaughter for many of the photos.”

For a copy of the book go to www.sheffieldcamra.org.uk/rhp

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