Byron Davies, has been announced as the first chair of the new alcohol consumer organisation, Drinkers’ Voice.

A former MP, he served in Parliament from 2015 to earlier this year. Whilst in Parliament he spoke out against the alcohol guidelines, which reduced the recommended levels of consumption for men from 21 to 14 unit a week.

In the debate, Davies raised concerns about the new Department of Health guidelines. He said: [This] “would effectively make 2.5 million more of our male constituents problem drinkers overnight, classed as increasing risk from low risk by virtue of the fact that they might drink more than one pint a night in the pub”.

Davies, who is also a former Metropolitan Police Officer said: ‘’The opportunity to chair such a worthwhile cause was too much to refuse. The freedom to enjoy drink in moderation, without fear of being criticised by anti-alcohol campaigners is, I believe, a fundamental right of all responsible citizens.”

Drinkers’ Voice, which launched earlier this month, seeks to bring moderate drinkers across the UK into the debate on alcohol and health. It claims that the anti-alcohol lobby has influenced people’s attitude towards drinking and has led to the government issuing among the lowest drinking guidelines in Europe.

The organisation is independent from industry influence, and is instead relying on funding from members of the public which relate to their cause.

The chair leads a board of six, and is supported by spokespeople of Drinkers’ Voice across the country.



You can donate to Drinkers’ Voice online:

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