MORE and more people are getting the taste for real cider as campaigners prepare for October’s cider month.
The month, which is organised by CAMRA ‘s Apple committee, starts with the announcement of the country’s best cider pub. Who will replace last year’s winner the Unicorn Inn, Bayford near Wincanton, Somerset as the best place for a glass of cider or perry?
As part of its cider campaigning Apple encourages all pubs to stock at least one real cider or perry preferably from a local stockist. There are now cider producers all round the country and not just the traditional cider counties of Devon, Somerset and Herefordshire.
Unlike brewing, which can happen at any time of the year, real cider & perry is seasonal and usually happens in the autumn. So, fans of the fermented fruit will find a lot wassailing going on in orchards and at cider makers during cider month.
Apple’s annual cider month trip sees a trip to Sussex and will take place on Saturday 7 October and visits several orchards and cider makers including Wobblegate and Village Green Cider.
The trip costs £20 for members and £22 for non-members and bookings can be made on line at
The month also includes Apple Day (21 October) which was launched in 1990 by Common Ground
All CAMRA members can nominate individuals or organisations to CAMRA’s Pomona award.
Apple chair Andrew Briers said any person, group of people, organisation, publication or place, including CAMRA members and branches may be eligible for an award.
“They must have shown an outstanding commitment to or something special in relation to cider and perry campaigning. award is no longer an annual award, but will be given as and when it is felt there is a suitable candidate,” said Andrea.
Nominations can be made for people who are deceased.
The last recipient of the award was an on-line community and information resource the Cider Workshop.
To make a nomination go to
Cider promotional material, including poster, dripmats and leaflets can be ordered on line

For more on cider month go to

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