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Search on for best brewers’ tattoo

The beer industry has awards for many things and now there is one for brewers’ tattoos.

The American Craft Beer Marketing Awards (CBMAS) has announced a new category at its annual awards for the brewer with the best beer-related tattoo.

The CBMAS has opened entries for its fourth annual competition and the inspiration for the new award was the popularity of tattoos in the industry.

CBMAS co-founder Jim McCune said tattoos and craft beer were “synonymous” with brewing.

“Tattoos are empowering, they look awesome and they just make life cooler.” he said. “The CBMAS brand is covered in ink – from our judges to our graphics, and Crushie trophy.”

All of the proceeds from its new category (Best Beer/Brewing-related Tattoo) will be donated to The Michael James Jackson Foundation (MJF), an organisation which funds scholarship awards to Black, indigenous, and people of colour within the brewing and distilling trades for a more just, equitable, and dynamic future.

“We are helping literally change the face of American brewing,” said Garrett Oliver, founder and chair of MJF and brewmaster at the Brooklyn brewery.

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