Two Hertfordshire licensees have come to the aid of local residents by turning part of their pub into a shop.

Bianca and James Rix (above) have opened a shop at the Fox & Hounds in Hunsdon to help local residents and those living in surrounding villages.

The shop was opened with the help and support of Pub is The Hub.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year the couple, who have run the pub for 15 years, opened an area outside the pub as a shop offering pies, pastries and bread.

The Fox Shop proved so popular that it has now become a long-term fixture inside an area of the pub. A grant from the Pub is The Hub Community Services Fund meant part of the the pub was transformed into a shop with a freezer for ready meals and enhanced shelving.

Bianca Rix said: “It started off with a few items to help out in the first lockdown but grew as the locals loved it. When we reopened they asked us to continue with the service and we decided to take out a designated area inside the pub.

“As well as helping our locals we have been able to support small, local suppliers. The Fox Shop has also helped to fight social isolation as people were able to chat at a social distance when coming to the shop.”

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