The Campaign for Pubs has written to the Prime Minister urging him to understand the looming financial and mental health crisis facing the nation’s licensees and urging for a clear roadmap for reopening,

The letter urges the Government to understand and to address the looming mental health crisis in the sector.

Campaign for Pubs chair Paul Crossman and a licensee of three pubs said: “The past year of uncertainty has been extremely hard on publicans and their families. Many thousands of our UK pubs are run by individuals or families working at the heart of their communities, running a business which is also their home.

“These people do not have the reserves of large organisations to fall back on, and indeed many have continued to face significant financial demands from big business landlords and suppliers while being unable to trade.

“The Government must take steps to protect the welfare of those working in these local businesses, and that have faced such challenges under the pandemic. Local pubs provide valuable employment and contribute significant revenue to the economy and the Exchequer, whilst also providing an important social service by facilitating social cohesion and combatting isolation.

“Our communities value their pubs and need them to survive. Publicans need to understand how and when the Government plans to allow pubs to reopen, and they deserve to be reassured that there will be proper ongoing support until that point is reached”.

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