HAS your branch recognised the community spirit shown by a pub, brewery, cider maker or club since the lockdowns began? If so, CAMRA’s campaigns team wants to hear from you.

Cardiff branch recognised the lockdown heroes in its area when making its 2020 Pub of the Year award as it went to the Gwaelod y Garth Inn (pictured), a village local on Cardiff’s northern outskirts.

Garth managers Rob Pearson and Helen Mahoney’s philosophy is that the inn should be at the heart of the community. As a result, during the first Welsh lockdown, it never closed. Instead, a shop was set up in the pub, selling fresh food and the bar remained open for take-home sales.

CAMRA’s Awards Committee chair Gary Timmins said: “As we knew they would, many rose to the challenge and made an enormous contribution to the community response to Covid-19.

“Many branches have recognised these contributions and sent lockdown hero-style certificates or special branch awards. A number of branches have let the campaigns team know about the awards.

“The latest lockdown across the UK meant there has never been a more important time to emphasise to the wider world that pubs, clubs, brewers and cider makers are a force for good.

“Because of this, the campaigns team is compiling a list of recipients branches have honoured into a report to showcase the amazing contribution to the coronavirus crisis.”

If your branch gave a certificate or special award as a result of the pandemic and not yet let the campaigns team know, do so now.

Email details to campaigns@camra.org. uk and include the name of the recipient, why the award was given and a photo.

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