CAMRA’s 180,000 members across the country are being urged to email their MP to demand a financial support package to save pubs from going out of business. 

“This is a make-or-break moment for British beer and pubs as we know them. We desperately need a proper sector support package to help pubs and breweries at all alert levels with costs they are struggling to meet – or we risk losing our locals altogether,” said CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona. “Restrictions like the 10pm curfew, local lockdown measures and now closures in parts of the country are damaging trade, and knocking consumer confidence.

“Yet the government’s financial support isn’t anywhere near enough to save our pubs from extinction. All our locals, not just those that are told to temporarily close, desperately need a new financial support package to help them pay wages, meet fixed costs and help to see them through periods of reduced trade.

“This could be the last chance for thousands of much-loved local pubs and breweries. Without swift financial support to help them cope with reduced trade, curfew and closures, we risk seeing thousands of pubs, clubs and breweries closing for good by Christmas. 

“That’s why we’re asking you to e-mail your MP to ask them to support our calls for a dedicated financial support package to save pubs and brewers across the country,” said Nik. 

To contact your MP go to 

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