Covid 19 casts a long shadow over European consumers’ ambitions, writes Ray Turpie

Like many other organisations, the European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) has been restricted by Covid-19 over the last few months but the Executive has continued to function using telephone conferencing. Unfortunately, the pandemic has set back our 30th Anniversary Year ambitions although we are still hopeful of gathering in the spring for a grand finale before the anniversary year ends in April 2021.

The 61st Plenary meeting in Germany was the first casualty and our annual Reception in Brussels at Brewers of Europe House is also unlikely to go ahead in September. Once things finally settled down a bit, however, a virtual meeting with delegates was arranged for August to try and push ahead with business, in particular, “The Way Forward-2020 and Beyond” proposed programme.

This might include a review of the structure and constitutional arrangements, consideration of becoming incorporated as a not for profit organisation, a more professional role for the secretariat using a service level agreement, clearly stated vision and mission statements and clear objectives against which the attainment of such objectives can be measured.

There is a lot of work to do and, hopefully, I will be able to report some progress next time. In the meantime, keep supporting your local brewers.

Ray Turpie, is an EBCU executive member

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