CAMRA has launched two new surveys to collect members’ opinions on our lockdown activity. 

Since branch socials and beer festivals have been cancelled, CAMRA has launched its own podcast Pubs. Pints. People. and the virtual pub the Red (On)Lion to maintain the sense of community that pubs provide.  

Now, we would like to know about your experiences with our online content.  

You can share your feedback about the podcast on our survey here. Let us know which sections you like, how you listen, and whether you follow our podcast Twitter account @PubsPintsPeople. Even if you haven’t listened yet, your opinion still matters to us. You can listen to 16 full episodes here. 

Members can also complete a survey about virtual beer tastings and virtual beer festivals to ascertain how helpful they’ve been in combatting isolation during this unprecedented lockdown period. You can complete the virtual beer tastings survey here. Even if you haven’t made it to the Red (On)Lion for an expert-led tasting yet, CAMRA would still like to know what you think.  

There is a space at the end of each survey for you to write out your own thoughts. Your feedback is essential to how we move forward with our online content.  

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