CAMRA is reminding beer drinkers we will be saying cheers again at the local by sharing positive messages about pub reopenings with new social artwork.

The aim is to raise awareness of pubs and share positive stories about them on social media – whether it be a fond memory, or of a pub acting as a “lockdown hero”.

Publicans can also print the image for sharing in their windows, to remind regulars their pub is waiting for them once lockdown is over. They might also be used to advertise delivery or takeaway services, and encourage locals to keep supporting their pub.

The artwork was produced by London-based art director and ale enthusiast Calum Ray, who wanted the image to offer a glimmer of hope to pubs and drinkers.

It supports the launch of CAMRA’s Pulling Together campaign, which highlights more than 3,000 pubs, breweries and cider producers offering takeaway or delivery services, as well as the Brew2You app which helps people to search for and buy beer.

CAMRA’s pub campaigns chair Ben Wilkinson said: “We hope people will use these assets to share some joy in these uncertain times, whether to locals seeing the rainbow in their pub’s windows or by sharing their happy pub memories on social media.

“We all have our fingers crossed that circumstances will enable us to be reunited at the pub for a pint and a ‘cheers’ again soon!”

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