British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA) calls on more support from Government to make up for sector losses and help with recovery.

As many as 70 million pints of British beer from UK pubs will have to be destroyed after they were forced to shut due to Covid-19.

Pubs were amongst the very first businesses to be shut down due to COVID-19 in the UK, having been ordered to shut on 20 March. Some pub will not open until 4 July at the earliest according to the Government’s recently published roadmap.

Although the government has said that the duty paid on the wasted beer can be claimed back by brewers and pubs, it is still an enormous task for the industry and heart-breaking to see so much British beer, brewed with supreme skill and care, poured away rather than enjoyed in pubs across the UK.

BBPA chief executive Emma McClarkin said: “It’s a great shame that so much great British beer that should have been enjoyed in community pubs up and down the country has gone to waste. People won’t have a chance to drink it as it will go off before pubs can re-open.

“Whilst it is good news that some of the beer can be re-used to help out other sectors affected by COVID-19, such as farming, it is still sad that people are unable to enjoy this beer.

“The need to destroy so much beer really shows how much our brewing and pub sectors have been affected by this crisis. We believe that pubs should only open when safe to do so, but without additional support now – particularly for those who won’t be able to re-open sooner – many more of our nation’s pubs and the brewers that supply them with beer will struggle to survive closure and beyond. The Government needs to give our sector much more support.”

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