CAMRA is calling on parliamentary candidates to support beer, pubs and drinkers by backing the Campaign’s election manifesto. 

Beer, brewing and pubs support nearly 900,000 jobs in the UK and contribute £23bn to the UK economy annually. Pubs face a huge tax burden, including VAT, excise duties, business rates, corporation tax and other pub-specific costs. 

In total £12.7bn is paid in taxes across the beer and pubs sector each year. Tax makes up around one third of the cost of a pint sold in a pub. 

Pubs pay 2.8 per cent of business rates, but account for only 0.5 per cent of business turnover. Various relief schemes have been brought in, but these have been time-limited and haven’t affected licensees coping with the largest rates increases. 

The next government needs to undertake a full review of business rates in England to fix the unfair overpayment by the pub sector. 

CAMRA is calling for a lower rate of duty for draught beer sold in pubs which recognises the social benefits of alcohol being consumed in pubs and clubs. 

The new government also needs to seize the opportunity of the review the Pubs Code to fix the problems with the existing rules. 

The code is currently under review, and it needs substantial changes to the legislation underpinning it to make it deliver for tenants. This includes fixing loopholes that allow pub companies to make sure tenants have access to the same levels of information as their pub companies. 

Candidates are asked to pledge their support for Britain’s pub goers and beer drinkers by committing to: 

  • celebrate and promote great beer 
  • support action to help pubs thrive 
  • represent the interests of pub-goers, beer and cider drinkers. 

The Campaign aims to get as many candidates from across the political spectrum signed up to say they will speak up for beer drinkers and pub-goers if elected. 

CANDIDATES can sign up and pledge their support at or email: #PledgeForPubs

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