Dogs could be key for attracting a new generation of pub-goers, as six out of 10 millenials say they struggle to find dog-friendly places.

One in three would take their dogs to the pub if they it was a dog-friendly and nearly half wish they could spend more time with their four-legged friend.

Now,, the world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, is launching its annual Dog-friendly Pub Awards, for the fourth time.

This year, Rover is tapping into the younger generation of pub-goers and their love for dogs, to encourage more licensees to innovate and become dog-friendly.

Last year’s winners Eilir and Charles Rogers, licensees at the Dog at Grundisburgh in Suffolk, said: “We know that being dog-friendly is not just the right thing to do, it’s good business too.

“Many of our regular younger customers come in with their dogs and we’ve even seen a rise in numbers of canine companions in the past year or so.

“Being able to bring your dog to the pub with you is really important. We’ve had customers in the past who say they’d have to get a dog-sitter or choose somewhere else.

“In the current climate, businesses need to do all they can to attract loyal customers and for pubs, one solution can be to become dog-friendly.”

Rover marketing director Simon Le Grice said: “It is a great shame that pubs still ban dogs, and a missed opportunity for publicans. In an ideal world, we’d love for every pub in the UK to be dog-friendly.”

Nominations for the 2019 Rover Dog-friendly Pub Awards are now open. Pub owners and landlords can add their dog-friendly pub by visiting and click on add a pub.

The winners will be announced Wednesday 20 November.

People can vote for their favourite dog-friendly pub by visiting

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