As part of National Volunteers’ Week in June, Guernsey branch chairman Shaun Marsh (above pictured right), was awarded a special certificate in recognition of his commitment and efforts to keep the branch viable.

The certificate was presented to him by Wessex and Channel Islands regional director Nigel Jones, (left), at Herm Island’s real ale and cider festival, at the Mermaid Tavern.

Guernsey is a small island nation and life on the island has its own unique challenges but also unique prospects. At a time when there has never before been such a wide interest in real ale and cider and so much choice for beer drinkers and opportunities for brewers and cider makers, the Channel Islands are suffering from a dwindling number of CAMRA members.

Shaun said, “I would love to see more people getting access to real ale and cider on Guernsey and experience how wonderful these drinks are, but it all starts with curiosity and a desire to campaign for what they want. It is a real honour, not to mention a surprise, to receive this certificate. Thank you to CAMRA for the recognition.”

Shaun is native Guernsey man although he had lived in the UK for several years and has been one of the main organisers for the Cambridge beer festival for nine years.

Nigel said “I am so pleased to be presenting this award to Shaun, he is passionate and committed to saving the branch from extinction while encouraging a market for real ale and cider on the island.

He has shown optimism, tenacity and leadership to keep the Guernsey branch going. I am aware that he has to wear several committee hats” and works hard to create a spark which he hopes will ignite an increase in interest in beer and membership numbers. “I truly wish Shaun and the Guernsey branch members every success and I intend to give them all the support and backup that they need to succeed.”

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