Save the Date. Beer Day Britain is 15 June, the UK’s national beer day.

The purpose of Beer Day Britain is to have a nationwide party and celebrate the national drink, ideally in the pub.

Will you join in?  In previous years brewers and pubs have participated in a number of ways to celebrate Beer Day Britain including brewing celebration beers, special events in breweries, hosting beer festivals, tap-takeovers, discounted beer, special offers on meals, beer and food matching menus, hog roasts in the beer garden, pub games tournaments, fancy dress parties, and joining in the National Cheers To Beer.

The National Cheers To Beer is the focus of the day and happens at 7pm when beer lovers across the country are united as they post a social media message using the hashtag #CheersToBeer. This activity is very popular with beer drinkers and the hashtag has trended on Twitter each year since Beer Day Britain’ first year in 2015.  Beer Day Britain works by everyone who makes, markets, retails, advocates or drinks beer taking the initiative to mark the day and build support for it.

Organiser Jane Peyton says please join in and support Beer Day Britain. “As seven out of ten drinks sold in a pub are beer then pubs have added impetus to participate.”

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