CAMRA’s national winter ales festival is has a new name and image.

The National Winter Ales Festival has been rebranded as the Great British Beer Festival Winter (GBBFW).

The 2018 festival – 20-24 February – will have focus on winter ales, but visitors to the medieval friary halls in the heart of Norwich, can expect a huge range of quality ales.

And if four days of good beers is not enough, pubs across the city of Norwich will be taking part in the celebration, hosting Fringe events from the 1-24 of February which include everything from stand-up comedy to music nights and pub quizzes. Visitors will have the chance to sample winners of the champion winter beer of Britain competition and enjoy live music and local street food.

Festival organiser Martin Ward said: “A year is far too long for beer drinkers to wait for their next great national festival, so we have decided to launch the GBBFW in the beautiful city of Norwich.

“Whilst there will be an emphasis on traditionally winter brews, festival-goers can expect the same large range of high-quality beers on offer that they would do at the great British beer festival summer (GBBF). We look forward to welcoming visitors from across the country to the winter festival in 2018.”

CAMRA festival director Nik Antona said feedback from festival goers said the name implied only winter beers were on sale, rather than it being a chance to taste a huge range of beers of all styles in the winter.

“Our objective with this rebrand is to increase brand awareness and attendance  for the GBBF in the summer as well as the winter,” said Nik.


GBBFW – 20-24 February 2018.

St Andrews & Blackfriars Hall, St Andrews Hall Plain, Norwich, Norfolk NR3 1AU.

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