Robinsons and Joules breweries have been selected by Everards to brew for the 169-year-old company, following the announcement it is decommissioning its current brewery and moving to a new, smaller site.

Last year, Everards brewery said it would sell its Castle Acres brewery site, Narborough, Leicestershire leaving it by the summer, and by the end of October provide vacant possession of the site for the purchaser of the land.

Everards says selling the land will raise the funds for a £30 million investment in a new head office, brewery, pub, cafe and cycle centre on nearby land.

Regardless of when the land deal goes through the brewery is downsizing its brewing operations to concentrate on supplying its 176-strong pub estate.

It is understood 27 posts will be made redundant out of 102-strong staff in its productions, packaging, sales and head office teams.

Everards managing director Stephen Gould said that the Everards beers brewed by Robinsons from Stockport and the Joules Brewery in Shropshire had been sold throughout their pubs with no complaints from the customers.

Gould said Robinsons is brewing Tiger and Beacon Hill and Joules is brewing Old Original, Sunchaser and limited edition beers since last year and have successfully matched the quality recipe and taste profiles of all the beers.

Gould was confident Robinsons and Joules were replicating Everards’ recipes.

He said both are independent family owned breweries with modern plants and a track record of brewing excellent beers.

“We have worked in close partnership, with both welcoming our brewing team to work alongside them in their brewery, brewing our beers, with our materials, to our recipe and with our unique yeast.

“Throughout the process, the beers have been rigorously laboratory tested and an Everards tasting team.”

“In fact, since the beginning of the year we have felt confident to introduce these beers brewed with our partners into our pub estate alongside our beers brewed at Castle Acres,” said Gould.

The decommissioning programme will see Everards having vacated the Castle Acres site by 18 August, and all the plant will have been decommissioned by 30 October.

Gould said: “The move off our Castle Acres site, in part, reflects our desire to remain as brewers in the future, but with a much smaller operation focusing our sales on our growing pub estate and key strategic sales partners.”

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