Loch Lomond has scooped CAMRA prestigious Champion Beer of Scotland award at the opening day of the Scottish Real Ale Festival, in Edinburgh.

A multi-time CAMRA and SIBA award-winning beer, Loch Lomond’s Silkie Stout (5 per cent ABV) is named after an old fishing folklore of the “silkies” who live as seals in the sea and shed their skin to become humans on land. After winning the title of Champion Stout in 2016, it has returned to the Scottish Real Ale Festival to take the crown of Champion Beer of Scotland.

The competition marked the first day of the Scottish Real Ale Festival held in the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. The festival featured a range of ales from across the country – including champion beers – and visitors will have the chance to enjoy live entertainment and food in between sips.

CAMRA’s Director for Scotland and Northern Ireland Sarah Bellis said: “Congratulations to Loch Lomond brewery for winning the Champion Beer of Scotland award for its Silkie Stout, which is one of the highest beer accolades in Scotland. The judges were particularly impressed with the balanced flavours of chocolate and coffee and its drinkability. It truly is a beer for any occasion.”

Loch Lomond brewery managing director Fiona Maceachern was exultant. She said: “We are over the moon to win the Champion Beer of Scotland award! The Silkie Stout is one of our originals and has been a great beer for us, it has just gone from strength to strength and regularly performs well in Scotland.”

This year’s silver award went to Cromarty’s Rogue Wave (5.7 per cent), while Isle of Skye Brewery’s Young Pretender (3.8 per cent ABV) and Sulwath’s Black Galloway (4.4 per cent) took home the joint bronze award.



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