International Women’s Day home brew collaboration

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International Women’s Day home brew collaboration

The Malt Miller, Elusive Brewing, Good Chemistry Brewing, Lallemand and BarthHaas X have teamed up for an International Women’s Day (8 March) brewing collaboration.

Malt Miller co-owner Jo Neale, who brought the team together for IWD 2022, has teamed up once again with Ruth Mitchell at Elusive Brewing to whip up a full batch of beer. This year’s collaboration also features Kelly Sidgwick from Bristol-based Good Chemistry Brewing, Sarah Young from Lallemand Brewing and Sarah Goddard from BarthHass X.

The beer is an oatmeal stout called No True Measure and is smooth in body, dark in colour, with roasted notes on the finish. No True Measure is a wholehearted nod to the women who have changed the game in brewing and those who continue to do so.

Sarah Young from Lallemand is a skilled home brewer and the base recipe for the beer is hers. Lallemand has advised on the yeast strain and also provided it for the big batch.

Sarah Goddard works in the sales team at BarthHaas X and, while not a home brewer, she knows hops. BarthHaas X has added its expertise to the recipe, helping to select the hops for the kit and providing them for the main brew.

The goal for 2023 is to put the spotlight on the long history of women in brewing, those championing the modern craft beer movement and the passionate home brewers out there plus those who just love beer.

The plan is for all female home brewers to brew their own version of the recipe. The recipe can be used as a starting point and then personalised by the brewer. To round off the project there will be a launch event and bottle share hosted by Kelly at the Good Measure in Bristol on Saturday 11 March. All are welcome to come along.

Pictured from left: Sarah Young; Kelly Sidgwick; Ruth Mitchell; Sarah Goddard; Jo Neale

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