Beer lovers have been supporting their local pubs and breweries by ordering over £100K worth of beer, cider and perry using CAMRA’s beer delivery app Brew2You.

Brew2You provides a shop window for the thousands of pubs, breweries and cider producers offering takeaway or delivery services during lockdown. Customers can search for their favourite drink and order it to their door with just the click of a button.

The app has been a hit with audiences since its launch in May 2020 and is especially important as England enters its second lockdown, meaning pubs, cider-makers and breweries are unable to trade as normal. Businesses can sign up to the app to sell their drinks to local customers and on a nationwide scale, helping them keep afloat through lockdown.

Brew2You is a not-for-profit initiative and pubs and brewers can use the app free of charge (aside from a set £2/month Stripe user fee for payment processing). It has received widespread support across the industry, with endorsement from the British Institute of Innkeepers (BII), the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) and Cask Marque.

CAMRA’s national chairman Nik Antona said: “After a summer of fewer restrictions, we want to help pubs and breweries as we go back into harsher measures this winter.

“I am delighted that Brew2You has given customers the chance to financially support their locals, and that £100K has been spent on the app in just six months is a fantastic display of support for the industry.

“Hopefully it will continue to bring people and great beer from great local businesses together and support them through this second lockdown.”

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