A plea to support local breweries has been made by Oxford CAMRA members.

The call came the weekend before the Oxford beer and cider festival was due to be held.

The festival at Oxford Town Hall– which attracted more than 3,000 people over the same weekend last year – had to be cancelled due to Covid-19.

Now the branch is promoting brewers in its area by publishing a full list with weblinks on the new online version of its magazine, the Oxford Drinker.

Dave Richardson, editor of the website and spokesman for Oxford CAMRA, said: “Thousands of people will miss their annual treat at the Town Hall this weekend, but they can still support local breweries.

“If there is one positive outcome for beer drinkers due to the crisis, it is that most of these brewers now offer collection or delivery services which not all did before.

“Much has rightly being made of the huge challenges faced by pubs at the moment, but the problems facing breweries are less well understood. While many are ticking over with collections and deliveries, they haven’t been able to benefit from the same financial support as some businesses, while pubs are selling less of their beer.

“Small brewers face the additional challenge of proposed changes to their tax regime, which could make some of them unviable.”

The Oxford Drinker, previously a bi-monthly magazine, was launched online as pubs no longer want to stock printed material due to virus transmission fears.

Oxford Drinker www.oxforddrinker.camra.org.uk

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