Crisp Malt is increasing its support of Scottish farmers and brewers with the opening of a new £2m packaging line in Alloa.

The facility provides brewers with a new opportunity to buy barley that has been grown, malted and packaged in Scotland.

Previously, most Scottish craft brewers were buying malt from England, or using malt that had been produced in Scotland, bagged in England and then trucked back to Scotland.

“The investment comes as a response from brewers for a more sustainable, more Scottish supply chain, and also as part of our endeavours to reduce our carbon footprint,” says Crisp craft sales manager Colin Johnston.

The new packaging line is based at Alloa where the company produces almost 30,000 tonnes of malt a year.

John Hutcheson, who grows barley for Crisp in Dunfermline – less than 20 miles from the maltings – said: “We’re keen to work with companies committed to developing a lasting relationship and shortening the supply chain.

“It’s good to know that our barley stays in Scotland and that, through Crisp, there is a direct connection with Scottish breweries. Consumers are interested in ingredients and a local supply chain that can be tracked from field to beer.

“Farmers too love to see the identity of the barley preserved, not just for the malting process, but as part of the story of the beer itself.”

Pictured from left: Cold Town Brewery head brewer Ed Evans, Crisp Malt Scottish craft sales manage Colin Johnstone and Leckerstone Farm’s John Hutcheson

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