From celebratory sparkler to thirst quenching pint, from farmhouse cider to top table menu matcher, the world of cider is blossoming and the British public are being invited to join in with a new campaign promoting cider.

Inspired by the challenges faced and continuing to be overcome in 2020, more than 30 producers – from craft cidermakers to long-standing traditionalists and larger industry stalwarts – have banded together to launch Discover Cider.

Proceedings kick off with an introduction to the campaign from campaign manager Gabe Cook, aka The Ciderologist, on Discover Cider’s Instagram channel.

“Cider is more than just a drink,” said Cook. “It is a community of diverse, friendly and welcoming people, places and occasions. It represents the best of British drinks. So why not join us as we Discover Cider.”

Over the next three months, consumers are being invited to join in the campaign, with a chance to win mixed cases of cider by sharing their own cider stories, alongside opportunities to visit producers and to meet the makers via a rich programme of events and tastings, virtual and otherwise.

“You think you know what cider is?” said award-winning cidermaker Tom Oliver. “Think again. #DiscoverCider is going to fire up your taste buds and open your eyes to the world of cider.

“My hope is that Discover Cider reaches people outside of the inner cider circle,” says Kentish Pip’s Sam Mount, “Thus giving them a taste of the rich and diverse world behind this wonderful drink.”

As the campaign gets under way, Discover Cider launches its website,, alongside its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Campaign highlights include:

Rock and roll endorsement of cider from Pretenders drummer, Martin Chambers

Getting back to nature with glamping amid the orchards on Kentish Pip’s Woolton Farm, near Canterbury

How the Mayor of Hereford, Cllr Kath Hey, fell in love with cider

A recipe and cider match from BBC Food & Farming Drinks Producer of the Year, Ross-on-Wye Cider & Perry Co

Evocative videos from award-winning photographer, Bill Bradshaw

Hitting the Cider Campaign Trail with Cider George, a nationwide tour.

As the campaign proceeds, various facets of cider will feature. For those who want to get involved, harvest volunteering opportunities will loom large. Starting September, #DiscoverCider hour and takeovers on twitter will enable all to share and join in. Expect harvest feasts throughout, as chefs, sommeliers and bar staff from restaurants and pubs, bars and homes, throw the spotlight on cider in cooking and offer top cider and food pairing tips.

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