StarStock has launched a national initiative enabling pubs to trade as food shops and offer click & collect services.

Called, the service will offer pubs  nationwide the ability to take and process orders online, which would provide them with “a valuable income stream” while offering their local community a way to access items such as bread, eggs and milk, StarStock said.

Pubs can sign up and set up an online shop where they can list items for sale and take payment via debit or credit card. They will also be able to share the URL with regulars, promote it to mailing lists and on social media and be found via search on Use Your Local.

StarStock founder & CEO Sam Ulph said the service was a way for pubs to stay connected, offer an essential service and secure an income stream during a period when they are unable to trade in their normal way.

“This initiative is much more than an online pub service. It’s entirely focused on helping communities and we hope that it will drive positivity for pubs and champion the people that run them as the local heroes they are,” said Ulph.

Pub companies Admiral Taverns, Greene King Pub Partners, Trust Inns and St Austell Brewery have already pledged to make the service available to their pubs.

A partnership with Brakes, the leading food wholesaler, will also open up the service to the 15,000-plus pubs it regularly supplies.

The venture will be run as not-for-profit, though each transaction will accrue a two per cent fee to cover operational costs. Any surplus revenue would be donated to the NHS, promised StarStock.

The mypubshop platform will give pubs the ability to host a web shop. Licensees will be able to select items for their shop inventory and provide an online payment service. Once orders are placed by customers, pubs will operate a collection service from their venues.

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