Suffolk family brewer Adnams which has 44 pubs is preparing for its pubs to stay shut for many more months.

The brewery has so far cancelled tenants’ rents in early March to help them through the pandemic, and said business rates cessations, grants and the furlough scheme have so far helped to avoid business failures.

However, the brewery’s director of properties Nick Attfield said pubs may require extra support, with many Suffolk pubs relying on the tourist trade to boost profits.

Attfield said: “We’re all looking forward to getting back to the pub as soon as possible, but only when we know it is safe and sustainable for us to do so.

“As, looks likely, pubs are some of the last businesses to reopen they will need even more and specific support, which will also be very dependent on any social distancing restrictions placed on us.

“Many of our pubs are very dependent on tourism and seasonality affects their profitability. Therefore, the timing for reopening will also impact the support required by pubs to best help them survive.”

His comments come as British Beer and Pub Association chief Emma McClarkin said “it is only right” the government gives the industry extra support – or face “thousands” of pubs and jobs to be lost.

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