Beer sales have fallen by more than 80 per cent since Covid-19 lockdown finds a new survey.

Covid-19 is having a devastating effect on one of the UK’s most successful manufacturing industries says the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA).

Beer sales have dropped 82 per cent since the lockdown and the trade body is calling for more government help to support the industry.

CAMRA’s chief executive Tom Stainer said the effect on the industry is devastating.

“The stark figures released by SIBA, which show an 82% drop in craft beer sales since the Covid-19 crisis began, highlights the devastating impact that lockdown is having on the brewing industry.

“Whilst we have seen an explosion in the brewing industry over recent years, this sombre report is a strong warning that the industry will not emerge unchanged from this crisis. Without swift and substantial support, consumer choice will be hard-hit after the lockdown passes.”

Tom called for much more help to be given to the country’s smaller brewers.

Tom said: “With their route to markets all but blocked through pub closures, we need to ensure that brewers have the same access to business rate reliefs, loans and grants that is currently available for pubs. We’d also like to see beer duty payments deferred and licensing laws relaxed so that brewers and pubs that only have on sale licenses can sell to the off trade during the crisis.

“Beer drinkers also have a vital role to play in sustaining the breweries they love. We encourage customers to source their beer locally and directly from brewers.

“CAMRA now has over 2,000 breweries, cideries and pubs offering takeaway and delivery services listed on its Pulling Together page to make this as easy as possible for consumers – simply visit to find out how you can support a brewer near you.”

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